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Finpricing launches the first of its kind financial solution that gives users quick and easy access to an extensive range of financial products, data and models. It provides free financial security and derivative valuation software that can compute fair values and sensitivities, free curve and volatility surface construction tool, and market data to anyone with exposure to financial markets.

If you need to compute profit and loss or calculate Greeks to hedge risk or just want to learn practical investment bank knowledge, go to http://www.finpricing.com to download the product.
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我们代理多家A+级以上的保险公司的汽车,房屋,商业,健康,人售各种保险业务. 可以帮您比较多家公司的价格,从中选出较便宜,划算的保法.我们的服务人员有着丰富的经验,本着客户至上的原则,爱客户如亲人,视信誉如生命.我们现有客户对我们的服务都很满意,并经常推荐给新的客户,希望您有保险需要时,请跟我们联系.[详细查看]
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纽约凯胜物流报关公司从事从全球进口到美国的货物海运, 空运及陆运,报关以及送货上门的一条龙服务。公司特聘的报关, 物流管理人员拥有十多年丰富的报关经验和广阔的工作网络。时至今日一直遵从美国海关法规, 努力地保持高品质的服务。公司属下的工作人员通过专业的培训,以严谨和准确的报关手续确保货物获取顺利地通关。


本公司提供专业的美国进/出口报关,海关保金,货物保险,国际物理,食品药物管理局,农业管理局, 渔业和野生物管理局,国家交通管理局及其他政府各部门的检验等其他的相关业务。我们以热情, 友善,快速 和准确的完善服务态度来满足客户的需求。

本公司以丰富的报关经验和专业的知识将帮助你高效率地完成美国的海关的报关手续, 使你的货物快速和平安地送到你客户的手中。我们的服务宗旨是致力了解客户的需要,目标和货物的特点而提供值得信赖的服务,按时追踪货物行程进展, 使我们的客户安心地完成货物垮境业务和扩展国际贸易。


Kaisen Logistics Inc.
6600 Queens Midtown Expy Ste 303
Maspeth, NY 11378
电话: 718-889-6252
传真: 718-685-2387
网址: http://www.kaisenlog.com
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We provide IT Storage solutions, networking, test and measure equipment. Our mission is to dramatically reduce your acquisition costs and establish a global sourcing partner. With Clients and vendors all over the United States and internationally our network of partners allow us to acquire virtually any item our clients need on a Global basis.

Referral fees available.[详细查看]
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Cathy Shi has over six years experience in both consumer and commercial insurance products and services. She recently opened independent State Farm insurance agency in Rowland Heights to serve local customers with their insurance or financial service needs.

Being bi-lingual in Mandarin & English, Cathy joined a small, but growing team of Asian Agents

Cathy graduated from California State University - Fullerton with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with concentration in Insurance. She continues to give back community by providing insurance education in various local events.

Cathy Shi有超过六年的商业和家庭保险工作经验。她刚刚在罗兰岗开了独立的代理部,希望能够为本地的客户提供保险或投资理财方面的服务。


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Comprehensive investment service group, whose business includes venture capital, corporate finance, merger & acquisition (M&A), financial consultation and innovative financial product development such as Algorithmic trading, Options Strategies, Statistical Arbitrage and high-frequency trading (HFT).

“NYVC” is a leading resource that connects clients with business opportunities around the world. We provide exclusive and luxury business networks to our clients in select industries and markets. Whether you are seeking expansion into new markets, partnering alliances, or other commercial ventures, we make sure you receive a strong return on your investment.

NYVC serve to both institutional and individual investors across the globe. We provide thorough advice on and access to a wide range of investment solutions in real estate, financial market, and consumer goods. We work with our clients as part of a team sharing the ambitious goals because we believe in building successful relationships with our clients based on sharing insights, contacts and networking opportunities. Through our luxury, yet effective business events, our clients will be able to see the right chances, make the right decisions and take the right actions at the right time.

At NYVC, we are proud of our client portfolio that includes public and private institutions, and high profile individuals. We are committed to excellence and provision of professional services that are incomparable by others in the industry. Take our hand; enjoy the most honorable events; and meet with the same ambitious and successful people as you are.

Corporate Headquarters

Trump Building

40 Wall Street, 28th Floor

New York, NY 10005, USA

Tel: +1 646 389 6880

Email: info@nyvcus.com
Blog: www.nyvcus.com/blog

QQ: 1722633766
MSN: nyvcus@hotmail.com
AIM: nyvcus@aim.com
Yahoo IM: nyvcus@yahoo.com
Twitter: @NYVCUS
Blog: www.nyvcus.com/blog


纽约风险资本拥有领先信息资源,连接客户与世界各地商业机会的咨询顾问团队。我们为客户精心挑选合适的产业和市场方案,提供独特豪华的商务网络。您是否正在寻求向新市场扩张的机会,合作联盟,或其他商业拓展? 我们会确保您收到最佳的投资回报。






邮政编码: 10005

电话: +1 646 389 6880

电邮: info@nyvcus.com
Blog: www.nyvcus.com/blog

QQ: 1722633766
MSN: nyvcus@hotmail.com
AIM: nyvcus@aim.com
Yahoo IM: nyvcus@yahoo.com
Twitter: @NYVCUS
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Volition Capital is a growth equity firm that principally invests in high potential, founder-owned companies across different technology sectors. Our firm specializes in partnering with founders to help them achieve their fullest aspirations for their business.

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大家做生意都不容易,如果您也想以最低廉的价格使用POS机, 如果您正在考虑更换POS机公司, 请拨打我们的免费热线询问我们的价格: 1-800-613-0688 国语服务请加1330. 我们尽力给您提供最好的服务,最低廉的价格!


1.*4年免费借记卡服务(每月至少要有$7,500的Visa/Mastercard销售额 9月为止);


o 最新高速电话线和网线兼用刷卡机(POS机).
o 所有费用透明度高,易懂, 绝无隐藏费用和霸王条款.
o 提供免费的价格比较, 让你更清楚了解您的帐单和我们将为您省多少钱!
o 随时随地网络查询您的交易处理! 功能齐全!
o 365天/24小时客户服务.

QMS 简介:
Quantum Merchant Services (光腾商务服务)是First Data(第一资讯)最大的独立销售商之一.隶属AmericanBancard---500强的公司. 我们有超过10年的丰富经验和遍布加拿大的客户服务站点.如果你们对我们不熟悉, 那么你们应该对我们的信息处理商---FirstData (第一资讯)有耳闻吧, 第一资讯负责世界上54%的信息处理, 他们给像麦当劳, 星巴克, 沃尔玛, Home Depot, Burger King这样的大型公司服务.我们一向坚持开诚布公的宗旨使顾客安心, 放心的与我们合作.

更多详情欢迎访问我们的网站: quantummerchantservice.ca
更加欢迎来电查询我们的特价优惠计划!免费热线是: 1-800-613-0688 国语服务请加1330.
邮箱: xzhuo@quantummerchantservices.ca
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作为一家全球第二大的金融集团,全美前三的保险公司,我们ING 旧金山办公室 已经从事了十多年个人以及企业的人寿服务,我们承诺将继续以最公道的价格来向大家提供 最优质的服务!

周一至周五 早上十点到下午四点[详细查看]